Auld l'Anxiety


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Tracks from Recording Sessions

Dave has kindly granted me permission to include songs he wrote which we recorded with Auld l'Anxiety on my MP3 collection for free personal distribution...


- thank you, Dave! - bonzie anne -

Tracks from Live Performances

Blitzkrieg Bop + Teenage Lobotomy The Rongo, 1/25/90

I Saw the Saucers (bonze blayk) The Nines, 11/88

I Saw the Saucers with Intro (bonze blayk) The Nines, 11/88

I've Got A Beef (bonze blayk) The Rongo, 1/25/90

Paula's Theme (Dave Z. Besson) The Rongo, 1/25/90

Repo Man + Waiting For My Man The Rongo, 1/25/90

Waiting For My Man (standing alone) The Rongo, 1/25/90

"i believe, i believe..." (bonze blayk) bonze gratuituously does a solo thang before commencing with the Real Deal at The Nines 11/1988

Tracks from Dead Performances

Dave, Mad (Dave Z. Besson) - Risley Sub-Basement Edition with bonze on backing track playing drums

T.W.O. (bonze blayk) "The Weird One", a/k/a "On News of Admission to the Cornell Graduate School of the Arts and Sciences"; featuring Rand on drums
Recorded sometime in September 1988 at Sub Rosa Studios, Risley Residential College

Dave Z. Besson - guitar, vocals

bonze blayk - guitar, vocals

Brian Moeckly - drums

Chris O'Grady - bass

The non-bonze members of this band went on
to found and perform on the fabulous
10 GeV Records


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