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>>>>> USERS ARE LOSERS? <<<<<

...bonze blayk - pothead, author of COMET, and...

MEGA-LOSING Network Systems Programmer!

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IN THE BEGINNING, there was dumb virtue, a terminal emulator I started to hack out in July 1984 using the amazing Macintosh 128K computer my mother Jean Saunders had most graciously seen to outfit me with as a gift, and access to a VAX 750 running BSD 4.2 UNIX - courteously granted to me through the kindness of the management at Cornell University's Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics.

PLEASE NOTE: During my career as a programmer, I was smoking pot pretty much every day, generally starting off in the morning? -
"This is not as unusual as one might think."
- up until I made the tragic mistake of going on Prozac (and later Trazodone 'to aid in sleep') as a potential substitute for cannabis in the year 1996, and came under the "management" of "experts" in "mental health" [cue eyeroll].

dumb virtue - SOURCE CODE ARCHIVE - ZIP 143KB

dumb virtue - On-Line Documentation - PDF 44KB

dumb virtue - SOURCE CODE - PDF 117MB (scanned)

In 1985 I was hired by Dick Cogger, Assistant for Network Planning and Development to Vice-Provost for Computer Services Ken King, to work on developing a Macintosh terminal emulator specific to Cornell's internal requirements, including an incredibly fast emulation of the IBM 3278-2; I wound up working at Cornell for 8 1/2 years on the applications that were to become COMET - the "COrnell Macintosh Emulator of Terminals" - in 1990, along with other network programming projects and providing backline support for Cornell's TCP/IP networking endeavors as they regarded the Macintosh, MacTCP, EZ-Remote - Cornell's Internet Dialup service, inaugurated in 1992 - "and so on and so forth," because the work of a network systems programmer is never done!

My business card ca. 1992

and name tag(s) from CIT Expo Fall '93
(because the gals in the telephony department loved me.-)


I left Cornell in early 1994, despite the offer of a raise from Network Resources Director Dave Lambert, to sign up with Millennium Computer Corporation in Rochester implementing a Secure Single Sign-On system for the state of Michigan as a subcontractor to IBM. I decided to leave Millennium in August 1994 in large part because my immediate boss and I had experienced what the President of Millennium, Jonathan Sacks, characterized as a "personality conflict" to my bosses at Cornell when he volunteered to act as an intermediary in billing Cornell $45/hr for my services, but I decided to start up my own firm and sought successfully to license the source code to COMET as databeast, Inc. - "it had to be a corporation, why? 'just because!'" - Cornell preferred it that way!

bonze blayk - coder

bonze blayk - debugger

bonze blayk - entrepreneur

My business card, ca. 1995

My customers? - THE "Establishment"

Select Invoices - databeast, Inc. - PDF (1.9 MB)

                 121,228 lines of CODE
                  38,389 lines of header file definitions
                   ~ 172 KB of dialog resources
                     ~ 1 MB of custom TrueType/bitmap font resources
                    ~ 50 pages of hyper-linked embedded documentation

             AND       4 lines of poetry:
            "Felicity is everywhere... 
                          yet she's not a thing to be lightly grasped;
              For here you'd hold, not the name of a rose, 
                          but a fragile-thorny flower-asp..." 
                                       --  bonze

                  From "About dataComet ", first included in the
                       "About COMET " text for Comet 3.1.1 in 1992.

2013-04-15 - databeast, Inc - Modifications of COMET code
- count comparison - 1995 - 2013 DRAFT 1-0 - signed.pdf

AnneRose Blayk



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